Remote Patient Management 

Remote Patient Monitoring


We are pleased to offer remote care monitoring services. These services provide you with convenient access to healthcare from the comfort of your own home. 

Some examples of chronic conditions we monitor are high blood pressure, high/low blood sugar, and low oxygen saturation

By offering remote care monitoring, we strive to improve patient outcomes, enhance convenience, and provide personalized healthcare tailored to individual needs. Our goal is to leverage technology to extend our reach, ensure proactive monitoring, and deliver high-quality care while maintaining a strong patient-provider relationship.


Remote Care Servies

The key aspects of our remote care monitoring services include:

Remote Patient Monitoring Devices: Our patients have access to user friendly monitoring devices such as blood pressure, oxygen saturation, and glucose moniters. These device allow us to measure and transmit vital signs and health data to our healthcare professionals.

Continuous Monitoring and Data Collection: Our remote care monitoring system enables continuous monitoring of your health parameters.

Virtual Consultations: Through telehealth platforms, we conduct virtual consultations with you to discuss your health conditions, review your remote monitoring data, and provide medical advice and support.

Timely Intervention and Care Coordination: With remote care monitoring, our healthcare professionals can promptly identify any concerning changes in your health status.

Enhanced Access and Convenience: Our remote care monitoring services provide you with increased accessibility to healthcare.

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